New York City Spring 2011 Agile CampFire

We had a great time sharing Agile principles and practices during the New York Autumn 2010 and Philadelphia Winter 2011 Agile Firestarters. Thank you to all who participated in these events.

We are planning an Agile CampFire event for Spring 2011 to give previous Agile Firestarter attendees the opportunity to apply some of the lessons learned. More details will be posted here when they are available.

What's an Agile Campfire?

Envisioned as the next step for Agile Firestarter 'graduates', the Agile Campfire is an event designed to provide a full day of hands-on lab experiences for attendees. Where the Agile Firestarter provided a basis for the theory and practices of Agile and offered basic lab exercises to experiment with some of the practices, the Agile Campfire provides an opportunity to put that theory into practice working as a part of an Agile software development team to develop components of a real working software solution.

Working together as software development teams, attendees at this event will get the chance to do all of the following:

  • Participate in iteration-planning sessions to determine priority, sequence, and budgeting of User Stories
  • Collaborate with customer representatives to determine how to approach implementing User Stories as a team
  • Work in pairs and in larger groups to coordinate your software development efforts with other members of the project team
  • Interact with a central source code repository and a shared Continuous Integration server to validate your commits
  • Participate in software demonstrations to get needed customer feedback

In short, the Agile Campfire event will be as real-world an experience with Agile as we can manage within the confines of the compressed time-frame of a single-day event! Light on theory and heavy on real world practice, if you enjoyed the Agile Firestarter but found yourself wanting more real-world experience in implementing Agile practices in a real project, then the Agile Campfire is for you!